About this website

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 DeLaval launched a new website. The reasons for the investment can be summarized as follows:


The new site will be accessible to all and provide valuable and relevant content that is easy to find regardless of disabilities or other conditions of the visitor.

Better service

The website lays the foundation to provide a better service to users, offer new types of services and simplifies processes.


A modern, tasteful and otherwise appealing web site increases the DeLaval's  attractiveness to visitors and customers.

Easy to find

In the new website information you need will be easy to find. You choose if you want to click through or if you want to use the search function.

Information structure

The site is built with five main navigation points situated in the top menu.

  • Products and Systems
  • Dairy Advice
  • Contact us
  • Meet our customers
  • About DeLaval

When you click on one of the main navigation points the left menu's content will change.

We have structured the information in a way that we believe most visitors want it. The structure will continue to be tested after the first release.


The search function is new.

The site was built subject to the international guidelines for accessibility WCAG2.0.

At DeLaval we use cookies to make your website experience better. You can change your web browser settings if you do not allow cookies or do not want cookies to be saved. Read more about how DeLaval handles cookies. I have read and accepted the information on how DeLaval handles cookies.