DeLaval calf feeder CF150X

Core benefits

  • Up to 100 calves
  • 1 to 4 milk stations
  • Manual mixed milk replacer
  • Cow milk feeding


DeLaval calf feeder CF150X is the high capacity, economical answer to an efficient feeding programme. This durable system offers you a high return on your investment by simultaneously handling the feeding of up to 100 calves, utilizing four CF150X calf feeders, controlled by one processor.

Investing in a computerized feeding station pays for itself quickly. The processor can include pre-setting of each calf’s feed ration to include the exact amount of concentrates as required. This will allow you more time focus on other areas of your business. Easily installed on or near the station, the processor offers a faster track to efficient calf management and its user-friendly software simplifies your daily feeding routine.

Primary functions

- Powerful user-friendly processor
- Menu driven program, easy to understand
- Exact, individual milk and feed rations
- Feeding plan for milk and concentrate
- Automatic weaning function
- Adjustable temperature of the milk
- Intensive mixer, which can mix powder milk
- Quick learning device for calves


Effective calf feeding and related management can minimize future herd health problems, lower costs, maximize income and create a stable basis for the growth of your business. The optimal approach is to feed your calves often, with small individually adapted portions. This method allows the calves to properly digest their feed, promotes good growth and limits feed wastage.


DeLaval calf feeders

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